When is the last time you felt really good in your body?

Have you noticed that you have less energy or feel fatigued more easily? Would you like to feel your body breathing with you?


Clear Energy Healing means…

  • The body re-discovering its' own natural healing capacities
  • An awareness of energy / physical blockages for focused release
  • Regeneration of your body at cellular level
  • Working with your energetic body to catch disease prior to becoming manifest in your physical body
  • Restoring healthful harmony on multiple levels
  • Increased blood flow / circulation
  • Reduced stress and sense of relaxation
  • Combination of alternative energy modalities for powerful results

Anka brings a special blend of years of experience in the healing arts.

More importantly, she tunes in to your body and listens to what your body is saying in order to effectively direct the natural treatments that will resonate specifically with your body.

Anka taps into the natural healing capacity of your own body by using ancient healing techniques and therapies and creates a personalized program designed just for your optimal wellness experience.

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